The Producers 2005

The costumes for the 2005 Sydney production of the flamboyant show The Producers was exciting to create beading for. This particular costume has a dazzling stage presence.  The gown shimmered and swayed with each movement of its male character under the bright stage lights.

The beading design is modeled on the Chrysler Building in New York. The curves and sharp triangular shapes make up the design and give it an art deco feel.

The base fabric was a completely plain black fine strong mesh netting that was completely covered in beading.

Black Bugle beads are used with glass crystal silver lined bugle beads to create a greater contrast to the viewer and to give the beading a liquid visual quality.

Tiny faceted black seed beads were stitched to the fabric in a cornelli pattern. Tambour beading and hand beading techniques were used to achieve dimension in the beading. There were spaced left within the design to create flat contrast to the sparkle of the beading.