The Lion King London UK 2019

Role: Freelance Beader. Adult Nala Corset
This was a technically challenging show to work on. The costumes required strength, durability and longevity in their construction and their adornment.

The Principle character, adult Nala characters is dressed in full body corsets covered with beading in designs that were inspired by the colours and shapes of African beading.

Natural shells, wooden beads and heavy resin beads that looked like bone and matt glass beads were used to achieve this African look.  The corsets then had a heavy wired back piece attached to them. This heavily wired piece was laced with beads and beads that looked like bones.

Colours of the earth: orange, ochre, crème and black, lime, yellow and bone were used together to give the beading it’s earthy African feeling and accented with natural shells and wooden beads completed the vision.

The beads were strung onto heavy tiger’s tail and then couched down to a heavily backed fabric corset. This was precision work as each layer had to be stitched down flat and for the spaces in between each row to be even. I beaded a adult nala corset, and back harp.