Superman Returns 2006

Superman returns in 2006 and the film is made in Sydney Australia. As a beading and embroidery service based in Sydney I was given the opportunity to work on 2 very fabulous costumes for this feature film. An encrusted belt in an art deco design was one of the projects. The beads used were medium size crystal silver lined glass seed beads and white round pearls. The beading was worked in a series of loops and had a very 3 dimensional quality about it. The base fabric was black so the belt took on a vintage look even though new beads were used.

The second costume was a glamorous gun metal grey and rust coloured dress. It also had an art deco feel about its design and was beaded using the Tambour Beading method. Slippery silk satin fabric was marked up with the design and then stitched onto a Tambour Frame and pulled tight as a drum. Tiny faceted glass seed beads were then carefully attached to the fabric. French Tambour beading is executed from the wrong side of the fabric. So it was to my delight that each time I turned the frame I could see how rapidly and precisely the beading was progressing. Square and round shapes interlocked to form delicate patterns

Multiples of this dress was made to endure a water scene.