Star Wars 3: Revenge of the Sith 2005

The third movie in the Star Wars series returned to Sydney Australia to be made. Working with familiar faces was very rewarding and made producing these extravagant and creative costumes a dream. The following costumes kept me busy beading for this wonderful team of designers.

Queen Amidala Funeral Cloak the cloak was made in a wave shaped silk devore and adorned with tiny cupped gelatin sequins in azure blue AB

Queen Amidala Burgundy cut Velvet Robes:The neckpiece was a small v shaped stand collar and cuffs were encrusted in tiny glass seed beads, sequins and crystals. The beads are silver lined and clear AB colours.

Queen Amidala Steel Silk Nightdress: Strings of pearls were threaded and fastened to an art nouveau style jewellery piece at the front neck area of the dress. Pearl drops were stitched onto the back folds of the dress meeting points.

Queen Amidala Green Devore Velvet Gown: This gown had a rouched sash around the under bust area and was accented with a beaded jeweled piece at the centre front v neck. The beaded fringing hung and moved so as to catch the light.

Queen Amidala Midnight Blue Panne Velvet Cloak: Diamond shaped epaulettes were covered in tiny faceted seed beads. Blue iris and copper tones were used to create a rich and visually textured effect in the beading.  Whilst keeping the beads small this ensured the beading had a flat appearance.

Queen Apailana Funeral Outfit: wore an elaborately decorated head dress and metallic fabric costume. The beading that adorned the headdress was stitched onto a heavily embroidered lace motif piece. Then strands of beads were made painstakingly into what appeared to be glass strands of hair. All of this beading was then attached to the head dress.