Spamelot 2007

The Grail dress is a fully beaded dress and one of the three pieces that I hand beaded for this stage show Spamelot.The dress itself was made of light satin fabric and was beaded using the French tambour beading technique. The rectangular pieces of fabric with the dress patterns marked out on them were mounted onto a frame and stretched tight as a drum to bead. Diagonal rows of verigated bugle beads were used for the main body of the dress and the neckline was beaded in alternate rows of sequins and bugles.

The second garment I beaded for Spamelot was a heavily encrusted beaded belt. Loops of medium silver lined seed beads were hand stitched, side by side to fill in the complete belt. Bead colours were mixed to give the work dimension.

Finally was the green checkerboard mans vest and jacket lapel. Striking colours, emerald greens and gold were used for this piece. The bugle beads used in a dense and linear formation made the squares look like they were made of liquid.