Painted Artworks by Karen Torrisi 2011

Stencil Art, The Modern Edge

Stencil Art is an expression of the present. It is bold and exciting. Much of it has found its way from the walls and alleys on the street to the living rooms of art collectors everywhere.

For my subjects I use Music Icons and Icons of the Stage & Screen, both past and present. Working with acrylic paints I use colour and my own style to create these individual painted artworks. I stylise the background using fine art painting techniques and juxtaposed the stencil onto this unique background.

I carefully cut each stencil I use by hand which can take hours. Much patience and dedication is required to achieve the desired results. Some stencil images I use are bold designs and others are figurative.

All the below artworks are for sale. Please email me if you have any queries to the sizes and prices of these artworks.