Love Never Dies 2011

Love Never Dies is the sequel to The Phantom of the Opera. This show's set and costumes were redesigned in Australia by Gabriela Tylesova and made in Australia. I worked on the beading for the costume for lead character Christine for her performance in the peacock scene. Working with tiny cut glass seed beads, bugle beads, crystals and crystal drops to create a shimmering gothic inspired beaded piece for the front of the bodice, and metres of hand beaded fringing to line the neck, armholes and front skirt. The colour palette was varying shades of blues and blue greens, the colours that appear in peacock feathers. read more »

2011 Winner Hand & Lock UK Embroidery Prize

Karen Torrisi is the winner of the prestigious Hand & Lock UK Embroidery Prize for 2011 read more »

Hand Bead Embroidery Class Sample Projects

Learn Hand Bead Embroidery Today. Its easy, fun and you achieve instant results. For more of a challenge come and learn Tambour Beading. Hand Bead embroidery is a skill many people admire and wish to undertake. Karen Torrisi teaches a variety read more »

Finalist in Australian Stencil Art Prize 2011

Finalist in Australian Stencil Art Prize 2011 http://www.australianstencilartprize.com/ http://outpost.cockatooisland.gov.au/ read more »

Steven Khalil Couture 2009 - 2011

Steven Khalil Couture is located in Glenmore Road Paddington, NSW. Steven creates highly detailed couture garments. Draping elegant gowns made of sumptious fabrics are Stevens signature read more »

Mary Poppins 2010

A lush Blue Cotton Velvet mans suit was the costume that I beaded for this theatrical musical in Sydney in 2010. Star shaped rhinestones of read more »

George Gross & Harry Who 2003 - 2011

George Gross and Harry Who customers are glamorous women, who revel in wearing heavily beaded and embroidered day dresses and evening gowns. My beading process for George Gross begins read more »

Mark Holt Bridal 2006 - 2011

Glamorous and modern Art Deco inspired designs are my inspiration when designing beading for Mark Holt Bridal. read more »

Rhonda Hemmingway 2005 - 2011

Rhonda’s brides are traditional and beautiful. The beading for Rhonda Hemmingway's brides is custom designed to enhance each individually made gown. French Laces are embellished with pearls and glass crystals. Final beading touches are added to the necklines, hems and sleeves of exquisitely couture made read more »