Hand & Lock Finalist & Highest Australian Entry 2009

Hand Bead Embroidery and Tambour beading techniques were used in this award winning embroidery appliqué piece that Sydney Australia's premier Beading & Embroidery Service owner, Karen Torrisi, created. I was chosen as a 2nd stage finalist in the open catagory and went on to win Highest Australian entry in the prestigious Hand & Lock Embroidery Prize in 2009.

This prestigious international hand embroidery prize is awarded by UK embroidery company Hand & Lock. It has a student and open category that is open to international applicants.

The aim of this prize is to promote the use of hand embroidered surface embellishment within fashion, costume and soft furnishing. All in the hope that contemporary design and other fresh approaches will be inspired to embrace hand embroidery, to acknowledge and value its quality and expertise. 

2009 Modern Goddess, Sunset Jungle was my chosen brief. My piece is saturated with hues of green, from the mangroves, ferns & ginger, accented with brightly coloured lush hibiscus. 3 dimensional Hand Bead Embroidery creates an over exaggerated textured appearance; I encrusted the silk fabric appliqué with sequins, glass beads and Swarovski crystals. Silk Ribbon Embroidery; French knots and flat stitches give contrast to the sparkle of the beads. The Tambour technique using glass seed beads, gives a sharp yet delicate outline to the foliage. Chain stitching in Madeira metallic thread completes the flowers.