George Gross & Harry Who 2003 - 2011

George Gross and Harry Who customers are glamorous women, who revel in wearing heavily beaded and embroidered day dresses and evening gowns.

My beading process for George Gross begins with a brief that outlines the scope and placement of the beading accompanied by fashion design sketches. Using these guidelines I create a beading/ embroidery design for their specific needs and sometimes I can create up to 2-3 designs for them to choose from. Once the design has been chosen and approved I begin constructing the pre-production sample for overseas manufacture.

This is when creativity and magic happens. The beading and embroidery can be sewn directly on the fabric of the garment or made as appliqués to be placed onto a finished garment. Designs vary from Art Deco inspired shapes, leaves and border designs or to enhance delicate Chantilly lace with silk ribbon and sparkling tiny sequins.

I find that designing, choosing beads that I am intimately familiar with and combining my technical embroidery skills and knowledge extremely rewarding and it puts my creativity and design skills to appropriate use.