Aladdin London UK 2015, 2016, 2017.

My role with this theatrical production by Disney Theatrical is Co ordinating international and local UK production of beading for the Disney stage production Aladdin for London 2016 for principal characters Prince Ali, Jasmine, Attendants, Sultan, Genie, Prince Abdullah.

Some of the work that i do is altering beading patterns, creating bead keys, prepare and mark up beading onto fabric for local beaders, prepare tech packs for indian beading manufacture, quality control, bead cataloguing, managing, supervising and preparing workflow timetables for 8 freelance beaders, costings, budgeting, Liaising with suppliers, manufacturers, supervisors and costume makers. Executing tambour beading for the following costumes: Jasmine Daywear, Genie Blue & White, Prince Abdullah.