Seascape Coral Kingdom: Creative Hand Bead Embroidery: Embroiderers Guild, Sydney, NSW: Monday 14 Jan & Tues 15 Jan 2019

Seascape Coral Kingdom: Creative Hand Bead Embroidery

If you are fascinated by the underwater world and dazzling coral reefs this is the class for you. This Creative Hand bead embroidery class enables you to create a fabulous 3-dimensional piece of artwork, set on a silk dupion blue background

Included in this class are specific creative hand bead embroidery techniques that can be used in many other projects. Make coral using bead wire weaving techniques, mould trumpet coral using wire tubing, create anemones from organza, create tube coral from sequins and beads. 

Using long bugle beads you will make coral fans using the interweaving method with shadows using fluted silk ribbon techniques. Create starfishes out of beads, sand out of silk ribbon loops and thread French knots and sea urchins out of 3-dimensional bugle beads.

Base fabric is silk dupion and the colour is blue. 

Skill Level: Beginners, enthusiasts & anyone wanting to increase their beading technique knowledge. This is a hand bead embroidery class.