Chenille & Silk: Couture Hand Bead Embroidery Greenwich, Sydney Aust. Sun 20 Jan 2019

Chenille & Silk: Couture Hand Bead Embroidery Greenwich, Sydney, Australia GROUP CLASS

Chenille is a soft, feathery yarn beloved by many weavers & embroiderers, and it gets its name from the French word for caterpillar. The first chenille was developed in 18th-century France. “

In this class you will learn how to handle this velvety sumptuous fibre. Using a needle, you will create leaves, flowers and shapes in this stunning medium. Mixed in with silk ribbon embroidery and beading you will create a vintage looking piece perfect to use as a home interior accessory. 

To Book: Email: [email protected]

Skill Level: Beginners & Enthusiasts. This is a hand bead embroidery class. (using a needle)

Class Size: Max 20

Tuition Cost $200 + Kit Cost: $120 = $320 Your Kit will include (1 medium roller tapestry frame approx. size 38cm x 30 cm, Delustered Satin fabric, beads, sequins, beading needles, 1 spool of polyester thread, Instructions)

Students Requirements List