Tambour Beading Classes in London UK

Come and learn Tambour: the art of Haute Couture Embroidery. The Tambour hook is used to embroider chain stitches and attach beads onto fabric that is stretched as tight as a drum over a square embroidery frame. Beads are strung onto a working spool of thread and the beading is worked from the wrong side of the fabric. Bead’s are moved up the thread with one hand and then stitched on in a crochet motion making a chain stitch after each bead. Karen Torrisi trained in Haute Couture Embroidery at the Ecole Broderie D'Art Lesage in Paris and has 2 decades of experience beading and embroidering garments for Fashion, Theatre & Film. She shares her years of experience and tricks of the trade in all her classes. Preserving the art and technical mastery of embroidery is her main focus. You will learn the basics: how to prepare your fabric on the frame, all 4 hook turning directions and you will also be introduced to the chain stitch using polyester & metallic thread and how to use thread colour manipulation to achieve dynamic results within shapes. You will also learn to attach Bugle beads onto fabric. This class is techniques based. To Book your place email: [email protected]

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